Our Team


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Stefany Nieto - Executive Director 

Stefany Nieto has been deeply involved with Toronto's entrepreneurial ecosystem through her work at various startups, and as a founder of Growing North. Previously, Stefany also worked as a Marketing Analyst at Nielsen Marketing where she turned raw customer data into actionable recommendations for clients. Currently, Stefany is dedicating her time to both Growing North as Executive Director, spearheading operations and expansion while also working as a Policy Analyst for the Government of Ontario. 

In her free time, Stefany enjoys reading, biking, and travelling around the world. Her next stop is South America! 

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Benjamin Canning - President 

Benjamin Canning is an avid social entrepreneur co-founding Growing North, to address food insecurity in Canada's far North. Ben, has also co-founded an international water sanitation initiative, Project Pura and several ventures in the food space. His personal mission is to bring about positive systemic change through the use of social entrepreneurship, commerce and technology.

Currently Benjamin is the full-time President of Growing North overseeing operations, and spearheading their technology innovation. 

In his personal time, Ben enjoys camping, skiing, fishing and hunting in the great outdoors. 

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Christian D'Antonio - Director of Education

Christian D'Antonio, The Director of Education at Growing North, is responsible for educational initiatives within partner communities focussing on Arctic Growing. Christian is an avid believer in statistical analysis and education as primary building blocks to sustainability through social innovation. 

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Julie Robertson - PhD Student Growing North

Julie is a passionate researcher and student, having earned her BA in Geographic Analysis, and subsequently, an MASC in Environmental Science. Julie is now bringing her talent and passion to focus on food insecurity, where she will begin her PhD researching Growing North.

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Anjali Ravi - Executive Admin 

Anjali joined Growing North in 2016 as an administrative assistant. Anjali is a student in Nutrition and Food at Ryerson University and is passionate about human health, nutrition and education.

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Samantha Villalon - Marketing and PR 

Samantha is a third year Marketing student at Ryerson University. By being a part of Growing North, she is able to advocate the importance of bringing awareness to charitable causes. 

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Lisa Mancuso - Legal Analyst 

Lisa Mancuso is a 4th-year business management student currently majoring in Law and Business. She is an aspiring corporate lawyer who is passionate about justice, people, and social entrepreneurship. 

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TJ Driediger - Business Development

TJ is Business Management grad from Ryerson University and grew up in a country town where fresh fruits and vegetables were readily available all year round. With an entrepreneurial passion for creating sustainable solutions to every day problems, TJ continues to use his skills and dedication in helping Growing North tackle food security.

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