It all starts with an idea.

Canada: A high-tech industrial society with one of the highest standards of living in the world. However, there is a very different picture that is painted for many people living in the northern arctic communities of Canada.  On a visit to a rural community in Nunavut, we were shocked to find out that many Canadians do not enjoy the basic liberties that most of us often take for granted - access to fresh and affordable food.  With prices that are nearly double than what they are in southern Canada, we decided to take action.


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Sustainable Food Production


We provide Growing Dome ® greenhouse infrastructure to enable communities to provide locally grown produce to their families at a fraction of the price. Designed by Growing Spaces, the Growing Dome ® greenhouse can withstand the harsh arctic conditions, providing habitable growing conditions for plants. Within this structure, we integrate vertical and modular Agro-technology. This allows us to reduce our carbon foot print, use 90% less water than traditional farming, and increase our yields 3-4X. Visit Growing Spaces to learn more! 

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Community Outreach 


By working with the local community, we ensure that their various needs are met. We make sure that the greenhouse is integrated into the community through participation, partnering with local organizations, and hiring community members for the Arctic team. Growing North is continuously adapting to the social and economic needs of its target communities while ensuring that there is a positive effect on the environment.

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Sustainable Operations 

Growing North focuses on the long-term sustainability in all that we do. Our efforts stem directly from community-identified needs and we incorporate positive social, environmental, and economic changes in our methods. We collaborate with the community by including the local population, school boards, governing bodies, and private businesses. The development of "green jobs", working closely with the community, and a multi-pronged approach in our operations has contributed to the overall sustainability of this project, and we continue to strive to bring sustainable, fresh and locally-grown produce to isolated communities all across Canada.